We don’t need less but more referendums to avoid another Brexit!

Here are a few thoughts from someone who experienced the most benefits from the EU in the past 12 years or so, from someone who would like to say “I am a EU citizen. Fullstop.”

The country which political leaders fought and blocked the EU the most, has voted to leave, they bragged about how anti EU they are, who were always quick to blame Brussels for inconvenient decisions. A country which couldn’t explain why they are in the Union, which the poor arguments and threats of the Pro side showed: “Because we are stronger and better off within the EU” and the usual political blahblahablaha is something people don’t want to hear these days!

Only now, after the vote, it is being realized, that air travel will be affected, the banking sector, startups, football players might having to leave the country (which should be the least of the worries, but could have worked as an argument?) and God knows what more. Instead it was more important to say, that they are allowed to have border controls in Calais (which is definitely not a EU thing, but a bilateral agreement). But not being aware of the positive effects of the EU seems to be the case in other countries as well.

It’s amazing how long Britain managed to “suffer” under EU membership, without being an actual member. There are countries outside of the EU, which are more integrated. Even more amazing how long the EU played along with that counter productivity. But the EU was always very keen to keep Britain in. It was never clear why Britain should have a Bonus — you are a member you pay your share. Someone should have told them “take it or leave it” way earlier and the nagging would have stopped. Just like now, when so many politicians all of a sudden become strongly pro EU.

But don’t worry, Brexit won’t be as bad as so many people would like to believe. Britain will negotiate a deal á la Switzerland or Norway once the steam is gone. After all the EU did everything to keep Britain in and happy for decades and recent days also showed how spineless the EU has become (talking about the EU-Turkey deal). That deal will be called a success in the UK and bitter for them by politicians in the EU. Goods will still flow across the English channel and trade is not going to stop in the future. Football players will be able to play in the Premier League and foreigners work on the island. Students will still be going on Erasmus (Turkey is an Erasmus member as well) and yes, Great Britiain will be playing the European Championship again. Many things will even stay the same — with or without EU. You will continue to use GBP to buy fish and chips in the UK and show your passport, when entering and leaving the country. Until Britain is really out, a lot of water will flow down the Thames — in more than 2 years a lot can be agreed on.

The best that can happen is that the EU understands this is a massive wakeup call and gets its act together. People will be reminded of the benefits of the integration. There is plenty of other states who would be happy to replace Britain and plenty of stuff which needs to be fixed. Start listening to the people, stop diving them. Being a politician shouldn’t mean “my way or no way”.

It is really scary how people are seeing referendums as a threat now, because people are too “stupid” to make an educated choice or because older generations voted against younger generations and feel like democracy is becoming a threat. First of all, people are not too stupid. If anything, they only did what their politicians did for decades: Say “nah” to the EU. Second of all, one vote per person — and whoever votes has a say. This is how democracy works. Or where is that going to end? I don’t like the result, so let’s exclude the ones between 50 and 99? Only 70% of the people voted, that’s not enough to make it count? And lastly, we have tried other forms of governments before and failed miserably.

There should actually only be more referendums like that and Brexit would not have happened. That is the real problem! The EU is not listening anymore. Give them a real say in the TTIP debate! Give them a future and end the austerity policies! Don’t lean back on the progress which has been achieved years ago! Don’t say “eurosceptic is bad”, give them reasons they shouldn’t be eurosceptic!

Instead you see German and Austrian politicians like Schäuble in talk shows, saying how much they benefited from the Euro, because it devalued their currency which resulted in more exports — a plus of 250 Billion (the 80 Billion Germany paid to Greece to save some banks, it’s peanuts)! Well, guess what, it also means an overvalued currency in other countries and that 250 Billion means a minus somewhere else. This is not even economics 1.0, but only common sense. But why even bother, all the smart kids can move to Germany. Brain drain — bad for Greece, Italy, Spain Portugal, but good for someone else again? We are fighting the worst recession and highest unemployment rates in many parts of the union by enforcing strict austerity programs! And in other parts of the world, like the US or Japan, they pump money in the market to get it going. But hey, we have only been trying that for 6 ongoing years now, so why not trying the exact same way for another 6 years?

The whole world is fighting to devalue their currencies, take Switzerland or Japan. Iceland’s currency got strongly devalued and is now performing well. The Euro devalued: Yeey, more exports for Germany! And the ECB implements minus interest rates — for everyone. Minus interest rates for booming economies like Germany! Does anyone really wonder why it doesn’t show any results? All what’s missing is helicopter money, but already playing seriously with that idea, show the bad shape the Euro is in.

Time to really tackle the issues!

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