The Social Skills Gap You’ve Never Heard Of

Do you think you know how to use social media? Are you confident in your abilities on the Internet? You’re probably saying yes because you use social media sites every day of your life. But a Harvard study last year shows that only 12% of people were confident that they used social media effectively, while most others said that they were learning to use it well in small increments.

There is a large social media skills gap that is increasing. Social media races ahead while formal training and education programs lag behind. People are not getting trained enough and it will eventually hurt people that don’t know how to use social media well. I consider myself lucky that I’m taking a class on how to improve your social media pages. I truly do feel that I was not using my social platform to its fullest potential and I am glad I learned what I did.

My advice to you is to try and learn more about your social media sites and see what you can do to improve your brand.