Vox Media and What They’ve Done So Well

Vox Media is an up and coming media outlet that controls many different brands. Ryan Pauley, who is the Vice President of Revenue Operations at Vox, came into my class a few weeks ago and talked about his company.

They are one of the fastest growing media companies and they have just recently added a story on Snapchat to grow their brands. These brands include SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed, Eater, Racked, Vox and Recode. The most popular of these are The Verge and SB Nation.

Ryan emphasized in his presentation to us that they are constantly looking for new content to share with the world. That is why they have so many brands, because they want to connect and interact with as many people as possible. They do this by reaching out to lots of different interests, such as video games, sports, fashion, dining, entertainment, and many others.

This is why this company is succeeding. Because they not only focus on one aspect of media, but all of them. It is a lesson that many people have to learn. If you want a larger audience for content that you are producing, you can’t just focus on what you are interested in, you have to expand your outreach and try to broaden your content.

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