The Data Protection Act- An Enactment to store and avail people’s private information best

British citizens have no doubt heard a lot about the Data Protection Act. The first concerned enactment actually came into effect in 1984, followed by a major revision in the thematic act of 1998s. Since then, the Act is constantly under review, thanks to all of the potential for exploiting personal data that is possible with the advent of the internet. The Data Protection Act is a particular sticking point in the UK in 2007, as the government looks at the idea of implementing identity cards for British citizens. Some British citizens believe identity card would violate the rights guaranteed to them under the Enactment.

How Does the Data Protection Act Affect Me?

The Data Protection Act governs the way that personal information about people can be used by the people who collect it. For information, there are very strict guidelines on how stores can use the information they collect about customers for store credit cards and promotions. The government is also subject the rules of the theme, and governmental agencies who collection private information about individual British citizens are strictly controlled as to how they can use that information, who they can share it with, and how long they can keep that private information on file. Organizations and the Data Protection Enactment have a very complicated history, with many groups and organizations complaining that the Act is unclear and unnecessarily ties their hands by being overly zealous. Some British citizens, however, feel that the Act does not go far enough: legal compliance jobs.

Understanding the British Data Protection Act

If you need more information about the UK’s Data Protection Act, the UK’s Home Office website is a great resource filled with tons of information, such as brochures like The Easy Guide to the Data Protection Act and the summary about Enactment of 1998. You can also find more information about the Enactment on the websites about people who are lobbying for and against the Enactment. There are plenty of UK based message boards that are filled with discussions about the validity of the Data Protection Act and the ability of the Act to keep private information safe. You can learn a lot about the Act by familiarizing yourself with these debates. Also, you can check the websites of the various British political parties; as the Enactment is a hot button debate issue, the parties frequently discuss it on their websites.

Final Words

If you are already asking yourself, “how does the data protection act affect me”, well not only residents from UK avail of services from companies that hold their personal data. Any person from any country has probably shared the personal information with different types of organization. An example would be the data you share with schools and universities. Another is when opening bank accounts, or joining club memberships. When you apply for a job say AML jobs or any other job you are interested in, you are also leaving your personal data with a company that may or may not hire you.