My Open Source experience in 2019

In this pots I just want to sum up and list projects I contributed to in 2019.
I did not have a lot (had almost none) of experience with open source before this year, however I was familiar with git, and had a very little experience with GitHub.

GitHub has a nice “Activity view” where you can see all the repositories you contributed to and what kinds of activities you did through out a period of time.

You GitHub profile also has a historical diagram that represents your commit history day by day during the last year.

GitHub Activity view

So in 2019 I contributed to 8 repositories. Most of my contributions were made to next projects:

  1. SwifterSwift — a collection of over 500 native Swift extensions.
  2. NodeChat — A group chat application written in Node and SocketIO.

It can be seen from the graph above that 67 of my 68 contributions were made in September-December 2019, when I was in school. This is approximately 13.5 times more contributions than I made in 2018!

This view shows that 53% of my activities were pull requests making it my major GitHub activity, followed by commits (30%).

Unfortunately GitHub does not show the languages that were mostly used, however I can tell that the majority of my contributions were done using Swift and JavaScript.

Other projects I worked on were:

  1. Filer — a POSIX-like file system interface for node.js and browser-based JavaScript.
  2. IINA — a modern video player for macOS.
  3. Charts — a charting framework for iOS.

I don’t know know if I will be able to make 13 times more contributions in 2019 than I did in 2018, but I am pretty sure that I will try outnumber 2018 numbers!