Another Day

I do not fear death,

At least I do not think so,

Is this thought the folly of youth’s flow?

I will only know when grasping for my last breath.


Once six feet under, closest above, body beneath,

I hope to have lived with virtue, elbow to elbow,

Found my darkest fantasies, brought them out of the shadow,

Infected kin with unabashed spirits, wealth, wisdom I bequeath.


After authenticity accomplished, ambitions achieved,

Progeny of children raised with love and guidance,

Embodied serenity when challenges came my way,

I will welcome the grim reaper to my table, let him feed,

With my soul finally free, cut from body with scythe in this dance,

I ride into the night, death being another part of life, another day.

This post originally appeared on my website.

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