Movement makes my meditation momentous, so I run,

Anxiety dissipates, opened lotus, so I run.


Ideas, the seeds that sprout from fertilized mind,

Oxygen, the water that feeds brain in kind, so I run.


Muscles broken down, stronger they all resume,

Lungs filled to the limit for increased volume, so I run.


Started on the right foot, avoided going left,

Slipped the cousin of death, committed time theft, so I run.


Needed daily practice, mind conspires,

My conscious denies unconscious desires, so I run.


Allowed to live fully in every moment,

Breathe in, breathe out, feeling powerfully potent, so I run.


Dropped in paradise due to God’s toss of dice,

Could of easily stayed in third world, harsh price, so I run.


Great gifts bought me grateful spirit, awe of life,

Could have spoiled with envy, eternal strife, so I run.


Laziness delegated to the unworthy,

Ravenous for experience, burn apathy, so I run.


My journey… no, my process toward a dream,

Composed of many steps, stairway up to the cream, so I run.


Started in the recesses of busy halls,

Moved purpose, focused on family walls, so I run.


These times will not last long, in peace I prepare,

Task to close and destroy enemy, my fare, so I run.


Transcend body, temporary meat locker,

My existence eked out, meet masterful maker, so I run.

This post originally appeared on my website.

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