I’m not a player I just crush a lot,

Can’t hate the man, look to the rules of the game, all fraught,

Most played the game, pulled, fucked, turned out,

Got salty, started slangin’ fuckboy, flipped the word ‘bout,

I understand your ways, natural composition,

The need now to hold down investment,

But why try to shame me into submission?

Only accomplished bringing on abandonment,

Confused cause you wanted to taste the other side,

Locked by a double standard, society told you to abide,

So was it envy or frustration that bought your judgment?

Luckily some women still understand my story,

Biology got me programmed to spread seed, you see?

Populate the Earth, Genghis Khan an army,

DNA that’s predisposed to act in certain environments,

Due to a long line of Y chromosome inheritance,

Nature and nurture played hopscotch, Double Dutch,

Learned my strengths, last seconds of the game, came clutch.

This post originally appeared on my website.

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