The world-renown rapper Ice Cube is hardly an icon for the Far-Right. As a part of NWA, he recorded the antiracist classic ‘F**k tha Police’. Then, as a solo artist, he wrote several other antiracist songs, including ‘Endangered Species’.

However, on Wednesday June 10th, Ice Cube provoked a huge backlash on Twitter by posting the following tweets:

Unlike capitalism, a cooperative-based socialism would actually be consistent with commonsense moral principles

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People who work harder and longer should get paid more than others, right? Nobody should get something for nothing, should they? And it isn’t fair when people take the fruits of others' labor, is it?

Those might seem like commonsense ideas, or even conservative ideas. But they’re actually socialist ideas, and if you agree with them, you might just be a socialist. I can show you why in four minutes.

First, it’s pretty obvious that people aren’t currently paid according to their relative efforts. The average American is paid 31k per year. But the top 1% of earners make 737k…

The US has now been engulfed in riots for a week. The immediate trigger was the police killing of unarmed Black man George Floyd, in Minneapolis, MN. Black Lives Matter protests erupted in Minneapolis, but these quickly turned into riots. Subsequently, protests and riots spread to all fifty states, and even to other countries.

There has been a lot of moralistic hand-wringing from conservatives and moderates alike regarding the alleged ‘violence’ of these riots. On several occasions, the word ‘terrorists’ has even been used to describe the rioters.

These words matter. ‘Violence’ is not a neutral term; it implies that…

If you have participated in a debate about police brutality over the last few years, you will have heard someone attempting to defend police by raising the issue of ‘Black-on-Black crime’. Usually, when somebody raises the issue in this context, they are trying to diminish the significance of police brutality against Black people, by showing that there is a comparatively large number of Black-on-Black murders, relative to police brutality incidents. We could present their argument in the following way:

A) Police sometimes kill Black civilians

B) Black civilians kill other Black civilians considerably more frequently than Police do

Conclusion: Police…

In reaction to the recent riot in Minneapolis against the police killing of George Floyd, conservatives and moderates have claimed that rioting never achieves anything. But, as the following eleven examples show, rioting has sometimes changed the US for the better:

1. The Haymarket Riot (1886)

This is the most famous labor riot in US history. It started as a protest by workers for the eight-hour workday, but turned into a riot after an unknown assailant threw a dynamite bomb at police.

Even though the police and politicians increased their repression of workers after the incident, the Haymarket Riot led to significant developments in the…

The President of the United States has sunk to a new low in his petty squabbles with Twitter. On 05/28/2020, he announced that he would sign an executive order, increasing regulations on social media companies, so that they cannot place fact-check warnings on his tweets.

Tonight We Riot is a 16-bit revolution simulator for Nintendo Switch and Steam. You play as a crowd of revolutionaries as they liberate the world from capitalism.

That’s right, comrade. You play as a CROWD. No bourgeois individualism here, you see. Your crowd expands whenever you liberate a workplace, raising the 32-bit red flag. But every time you are outmatched by police, military, libertarian militias, and so on, members of your crowd will be killed.

You can throw molotov cocktails and bricks at your class enemies, or hit them with crowbars and baseball bats. While right-wing media in the UK…

In the opening sequence of the 2019 historical drama TV series ‘Chernobyl’, we are presented with a quote from Valery Legasov, the chief of the Soviet commission that investigated the Chernobyl nuclear disaster,

“What is the cost of lies? It’s not that we’ll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all.”

Reading these words in the US today, one cannot help but feel like they apply to our current situation. …

“Marx forgot about human nature”. This phrase has become so popular among critics of Marxism that it has become a meme. Or maybe it is just popular among ironic Marxists. It’s impossible to judge sincerity on the internet nowadays, as Poe’s Law suggests.

However, like most common sayings about Marxism, the phrase is wildly inaccurate. Even so, Marxist economics is indeed flawed, but for entirely different reasons. But let me deal with this ‘human nature’ meme first.

The meme is meant to imply that human nature is essentially selfish, and that Marx fails to account for this. It also is…

On the contemporary political Left in the US and the UK, there are many allied movements and ideologies. Socialism is on the rise again, as shown by the popularity of the Democratic Socialists of America and the Momentum Movement in the UK. Extinction Rebellion and the mainstreaming of the Green New Deal are signs of rising eco-socialist sentiment. The Movement for Black Lives, the prison abolitionist movement and the migrant defense movements tackle the intersection of race and class. Intersectional feminists fight for a whole range of oppressed people from marginalised identities.

And yet we, on the contporary Left, often…

Alexei Stell

Liberationist activist, writer and educator. twitter: @alexei_stell

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