Hello, World!

I’m going to give Medium a try.

I’ve got a blog. It is hosted on WordPress, but has my own domain name. I’ve written four posts so far this year, three of them in January. I wrote thirteen in 2016, twelve of them in January and February and only one in the rest of the year. Something about new year’s resolutions. I wrote only four in 2015.

In the four-year stretch before that, I blogged more consistently and averaged 20 posts per year. Some of those posts proved popular and useful to a number of people who continue to reference and quote them even today.

Writing such posts is a lot of effort. Each took me at least several hours. Those that had some diagrams or drawings in them took even longer. Far more than what I could do daily. I liked to think I could put in this effort and write one post a week, but no, it was on average only once in three weeks.

Infrequency of blog posts brings another problem. The more time passes since the last post, the greater the pressure to write something substantial about something important. The effort to write it substantial, so I tend to defer it, and the more time passes.

I’ve written a book recently. Yes, with a co-author who has written four books previously. And the book is yet to be released — we’re still working with our copy editor on it. But many reviewers have seen and praised the manuscript. This means, writing and the deliberate practice of it is becoming more important to me. I need to do it more often and in smaller batches. What did prevent me from writing in smaller batches on another platform and why things should be different here? I admit there was some wishful thinking involved in creating this medium account, but let’s see how it goes.

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