Kurt Metzger Needs to Shut Up
Nikki Black

I would caution the warrior princess for shutting down speech that doesn’t align with her own. I’m prepared for the haranguing replies of “This guy calls himself a comic…” BUT, when you actively try and stifle the speech of those you don’t agree with you are opening the door for others to one day turn around and do the same to you. You clearly have a following as do I and Mr. Metzger which allows us to do the things we dreamed for a living. However don’t defecate where you masticate! We are supported by our 1st amendment right to say or write any trite banality we like and it’s the idea that so-and-so “needs to shut up,” that will destroy the very foundation with which we create our luxurious lifestyles.

In other words, Don’t shit where you eat.

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