“Rich Summer Comeback” — Case Study

I want to share with you how I come up with this project. It’s called “Rich Summer Comeback!”.

It’s a personal project. The idea for this images came to me closer to autumn when it really downs on you that the summer is getting to an end. That day I did a round of sketch practices. I’ve been drawing and slowly sipping my juice with silly straw. Somewhere in the middle I realized one of the sketches stood out to me.

There was something in the concept I liked and decided to keep developing it. I made a rough composite of the idea next and worked on the slogan. It’s Russian, but it makes scene. Believe me.

The slogan explains the desire to delay the coming autumn and winter. The desire to stay with the summer and all that is great about it. The sun, the warmth, the care free time and how a sip of great juice can make it all happen. At least with your memories and feelings.

When I was done with the rough concept I decide to leave the idea rest for a couple days. I always do that to check if I still like it when I get back to it.

Fortunately I did still liked it quite a lot and wanted to move on immediately to make the final image. I knew I needed a team to make it happen and I was able to find one pretty fast.

Guys from Plan A Photoproduction helped me tremendously organizing the shoot. Right after we discussed the concept Natalia gathered the team and dealt with casting.

We did the shoot in Studio 67. Yury was setting up the lights. Makeup and stylist were taking care of the model. I made sure we’re on the track with the concept.

Thanks to the great team work we were able to shoot everything needed for the final image in shortest time possible.

The final image is at the top, but if you’re curious you can see the breakdown below.

“Rich Summer Comeback!” Visual Breakdown

Watch step by step progression of the image.

Making Of “Rich Summer Comeback!”

Making of video with commentary.


Art Director: Alexey Adamitsky
Producer: Natallia Batsiuleva
Photographer: Yury Fedorenko
Model: Ekaterina Timashkova
Stylist: Tata Novash
Backstage: Alex Skill
MUA: Asha Lukasheva
Food Styling: Alexander Gavrilenko
Post Production: Alexey Adamitsky

Location: Studio 67 
Shoot Production: Plan A Photoproduction