Fixed EB Garamond, amateurly

I got so sick of looking at the medieval jumping digits in that font so I took my courage and fix them. Made them look modern. It appears that editing a font is not that complicated task — not more complicated then editing a figure at a PowerPoint slide. But first things first.

old style digits

I waited for 2 years for the font’s author to add modern digits. And he… didn’t. So I googled an open source editor FontForge and fixed the digits all by myself. It came out a bit odd, if not to say beyond hope. Digits are too narrow. A zero digit has corners, but it shouldn’t. Not the most precise kerning and million other flaws.

old and modern digits

But for my needs it is good enough:

Have fixed the font and now feeling so mannish.

P.S. For the western world old style digits are totally ok. Even default font at Medium uses old style digits. But for my russian typography culture it looks not ok — we never used old style digits.

I was told that the font’s author had done the modern style digits already. they are just tricky to find. What a relief.

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