Cryptocurrency value : storage or circulation ?

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In ReOrder technologies, we think that there will be a cryptocurrency revolution if and when there is a cryptocurrency presence and acceptance.
One of the money function as a common medium of exchange) — is to be accepted everywhere as a payment vehicle. Putting our efforts where our words are in reOrder mean — we’re helping to create those necessary conditions.

Like highway system helping people and cargo to move and park, retail cryptocurrency infrastructure to move different types of assets.

Creating something that is intended to be a car or a new currency (more accurately, a new money) doesn’t mean that that something is a ble to circulate effectively. In economic terms creating new currency doesnt makes it new money. You need a financial infrastructure to make money circulate.

Becoming a new platform for money is a war to the death against the ruling money platforms from cash “national currencies” to Paypal and Visa, a zero-sum game. You need a lot of allies to do it, since your enemies have a lot of it. It’s like rebels meet an innumerable Agents Smiths in the Matrix movie. For cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency infrastructures to succeed in this goal, people need to (at least partially) stop using US dollars, Euros, etc. to buy goods and services, and start using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This is a common fallacy which you will see continually repeated in the media: the idea that the success of a money is measured by how much is not spent on goods and services, but rather held in possession by currency speculators. The “market value” of cryptocurrency doesn’t helps its daily use or circulation. It’s even stops it by not attaching to a real world values and increasing volatility because of this.

One of the example where accumulation of resources is bad not only resource circulation but also innovation is a resource-based economy. In such economies keeping money is better than spend it on innovation. That’s a one of the threats of highly profitable resource accumulation like Bitcoin.

Now you can see that Bitcoin is still a very young invention. You must understand why is that to date, in terms of becoming widespread “money” it is a complete failure. Virtually everything you buy, you buy with legacy moneys like dollars, euro, yen, roubles, and so on. You cant predict where and when CRYPTO become accepted.

The simple fact is that the success of a new crypto money is determined by how much of it is spent. Not, contrary to the conventional wisdom of media “experts”, how much is not spent: the “market value” of Bitcoin hoarded by speculators with no intention of every buying anything with it. Or traded by parasitic currency speculators, with yesterday’s gamblers having “found” the “greater fool” and today’s gamblers hoping to find an even greater fool tomorrow. Read up on the Dutch Tulip Craze, or the subprime mortgage market leading up to the Great Recession if you want to understand a pure speculative craze, and how it ends.

And how much is spent, in Bitcoin? In the hundreds of answers you can find on experts blogs explaining how successful Bitcoin is, you will never find an answer to that question. That’s because, first, no-one knows. But more importantly, the amount is so small as to be undetectable, which contradicts the hype of the cryptocurrency “revolution”.

ReOrder infrastructure helping here too. It’s basically the project the first widespread “statisitics bureau’ on retail payment statistics. When you “connect” your currency on ReOrder retail infrastructure — you know how it’s backed by the real life economy and how it’s used for day-to day activity. And this will clearly and provably separate “bubble” part of crypto-capitalization from “backed part”.

Now that stats collected from exchanges and the most of payment market aren’t transparent. That’s why tokens traded on exchanges looks clear, ReOrder infrastructure will serve a stability indicator for currencies spent in retail and food markets.

ReOrder infrastructure doesnt rely on regular cryptocurrency “organic” growth. We are independently pushing the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies into the “outside” world. It’s a proved effective “Trojan Horse” strategy right inside a retail establishments, a widely deployed network of “strongholds” of “national” currencies.

This strategy makes both R Coin and any cryptocurency accepted in reOrder infrastructure network immediately selдable and valuable.

You can hear everywhere “it must be a partial success at least: the market value of Bitcoin is xxx or because the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed by xxx percent just since January”! To see how ridiculous this idea for dayly payments is, simply ask yourself WHY you accept only ordinary national fiat currency, like dollars, and spend only the same. Is it because the US dollar has skyrocketed in value this year? (And plummeted in earlier years, which the current crop of experts doesn’t recall) ? Quite the opposite. The appeal of a dollar, or any money, is that it is relatively stable in value, not unstable. Working for a living isn’t a casino game, it is a way of getting money that is worth about the same when you spend it as it was when you traded your work (or your used car, house, or business merchandise) for it.

This obvious falsehood is also endlessly echoed by Quora’s resident experts on cryptocurrency. They can’t be blamed, because they are only mindlessly repeating what they read in the press. Its one of the goal of conscious part of crypto-community not only to describe the problem clearly and increase awareness but also propose technical and organisational means to provide such stability.

We can prepare for the second wave of crypto, the epoch of “after the crypto-Dotcom boom era”, when the value of non-backed “exchange-only” cryptocurtencies will plummet compared to “circulational” types of crypto-currencies like R Coin.

About reOrder Technologies Inc : company registered in Colorado, USA. Since 2016 our mission is to increase the economic efficiency of stores, bars, cafes and restaurants by using payment terminals and other instruments and devices, connected to same server. In 2017 we are introducing the blockchain technology and ability to use cryptocurrencies, which allows our clients to: — Increase the sales and efficiency of retail enterprises such as stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. — Enhance the efficiency of staff and quality of services provided to the customers — Speed up the service and, as a result, increase the number of customersб served at the table per unit of time — Collect data for analytical analysis and further improving of business performance Integration of blockchain technologies and automation the work of staff, reduces transaction costs and generally enhances the quality of service. Our goals are to engage ordinary enterprises in blockchain technologies, provide them with complete industrial solution for daily use and ability to participate in the global process of transition from fiat to crypto currency.

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