Forerunner: Road to Issue 2

Alex Delis
Draft · 1 min read

Forerunner Magazine proved to us that we had laid the foundation for something great. It pulled together our talents in ways we didn’t entirely foresee, while meeting and fulfilling the demands we set ourselves at the start of the planning process. As fledgling creatives, it’s fair to say that many elements of the magazine assembled themselves through sheer luck and fortunate timing, yet we were extremely proud of what we had created.

Planning a second issue may have seemed like a logical decision, but we were left with many questions after coming to the end of our first printing run. As mentioned, we had little experience in the way of publishing and truth be told, we hadn’t even come to a consensus on our target audience. Among these issues was the monetary sustenance we’d realistically need to both support ourselves and fund another large-scale project. In the end we unfortunately had to massively downscale our commitments to Issue 2 and reconsider Forerunner’s direction.

However, we knew we had made something special. Feedback had been extremely positive; it was just a question of how to leverage what we had…