Moving On

I’m excited to share some personal news: I’m joining Spark Capital’s growth team.

I’ve been fortunate in my career to have worked with some of the most exciting IT companies over the past few years that are transforming the way we do business such as Zendesk, Twilio, Duo Security and JustWorks. We’re in a unique and exciting time period in the broader enterprise IT space — companies are being built and are growing at an unprecedented pace, and we’re still in the very early innings of the cloud transition. Over the next ten years new software companies will be created that will fundamentally change how people work and live their lives. There couldn’t be a better time to be an investor.

I’m excited to continue my work in this space with Megan, Jeremy and the rest of the team at Spark. Spark has been incredibly successful over the past decade helping companies of all stages reach their goals, and after getting to know the team it became clear we shared many of the same values — founders first mentality, teamwork and hustle. I’ll be helping the team focus on new investments in the enterprise software, infrastructure and security spaces. Looking forward to getting started!