Great Work!
Danny Eck

Hey, thanks! In 2017 I still like the rev proxy option, but wrapped in a container haha

> Most [all?] file-watcher-based reloaders in JavaScript land choke on virtual file systems (e.g.; Vagrant or docker mounts)

I don’t think this is an issue w/ JS watchers as I have a number of docker-based JS apps w/ hot reloading and all of them work just fine. But, when we wrapped our main Rails app (which is quite big), this is when watchers started choking. As it turned out, an issue is w/ performance of docker volumes + big Rails app in a development environment. We workaround-ed it by increasing amount of RAM for Docker (from default 2Gb to 4Gb) and by using docker-sync. This fixed Webpack watchers and few more issues in our case. Hope this helps!

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