I keep reading about how FAVES will be like Lyft and Uber and so on, why do they have to be?
Aldo Tudela

Thanks for the response! Lots to unravel is the perfect phrase for what’s next. Profitability/subsidies, accessibility/equity, labor, UBI. Huge questions we have yet to answer. I’m certain it won’t go as “planned.”

What I do know, and why I wrote this, is that if we don’t start talking about how we *want* it to go, the change will happen *to* us. And as we saw with the highway system that sliced through neighborhoods, or when we watched streetcars get ripped up decades earlier, the folks with the most power often have different priorities… and less incentive to plan for the long term.

Thx again for the thoughtful note, Aldo Tudela!

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