12 Years a Hustler, Time to Go Home
Sheriff Shittu O.

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride where spectators either cheer you on or secretly wish for the rollercoaster car to be derailed and for a fire to breakout along with your ultimate demise. If you care at all about the latter, you’ll be in for a painful ride.

The reality is that nobody ever was successful without failure. Overnight successes are almost never overnight. Entrepreneurship is all about leadership, team sports, problem solving strategies, and coping skills. Outcomes are a side effect of these challenges and are what most entrepreneurs are judged by. If you don’t love the ups and downs and the experience of the ride, you’ll be doomed to doing something you don’t love… Doing something you don’t love is just a job. Doing something you love is a career or a calling or both. My only advice to you is to do whatever you really genuinely enjoy so that when the hard times hit, you always have that calling to get you through. Also, it can solve some of the challenges you talk about in terms of domain expertise. If you don’t know the customers pain, it’s way way harder to create a compelling solution to the problem. Just my two cents…

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