Going all blank (again)

or What is considered really normal to post FiRST on your new social page?

The CAT that understood what she wants and why — even if we won’t understand why so much fun in just a box that doesn’t make it less fun for them to be happy playing with it

Maybe the choice isn’t that original to post first about what people usually posts first. Maybe. Or should I just go out with the “Wassup world!” type of tiny postie bothering nobody because there is nobody, like all the normal people do trying not look weird partying like a boss in an empty room (yet). But no that’s not how i roll on my super-normal page. Maybe here on Medium the struggle of posting first isn’t that deep since it’s based on blogging where first articles get lost in the bottom of the list and remain without attention foreveeer!

When it comes to new facebooks or twitters it’s more personal now. There we want to behave in way we actually want to see ourself as.

Anyway no matter for what reasons we get ourself a new blank social page to switch, but the feeling we get when starting all from zero is a good feeling for everybody. It’s a state of mind similar to the one we had in school back then in early Septembers when the pen was over the first blank page in the brand new notebook and we even tried our best handwriting like we are about to release a masterpiece book. Because this is how we actually want to see ourselves (subconsciously). For a while let’s forget the fact that with every mistake doodle in the new book will fade the perfectionism away and on Octobers we have to do so much for homework that the elegant handwriting and the grammar is not playing role anymore it’s about capturing it all from the teacher rapping and being readable on exams!!

Ok back to the subject. Please note that the topic should not to be confused with the case when somebody is all new to facebook (nowadays it’s mostly kids). No. I’m talking about the grownups leaving their old facebook profiles for a reason and going through some new profile page or quits facebook at all, like forever, like really, and after a time still makes a new page. I guess for such a case we should apply a different comparison from school memories… Like the one when you moved out and you have a new school, new classmates, new friends around you. They all don’t know you, so you realize that there you can be whoever you want to be and they will accept you like this. How to keep yor story alive and maintain the first impression in a new school gets us off-topic again, especially if you chose some difficult roles there 😌 maybe someday I’ll edit this and add a link to that other topic in a different article. Consider all this as just an intro because I better start sticking to the subject about …

That feeling of being inspired on starting all blank.

Also known as the I-Will-Start-Doing-All-That-from-Monday syndrome but it’s not about pushing yourself to start. Not even to maintain. People don’t consider the importance of setting the correct reasons at the very beginning when taking a mission on themselves. Why I compared all this with the new school/new friends situation is because…

The bad thing about old friends is that they accept your negative parts in character as default and when you try to change they will start to be ironic and like challenging you with their doubts .

In most of the cases they just need time to accept the new you if they are truly your friends, and still it’s a discomfort to attach some additional responsibilities in front of them not to look like loosing in front of them.

So once again the setup reason, initially you started to change for your own improvement but because of this sort of doubting we allow arund us - we end up doing this more for proving something to somebody.

That’s not the checkpoint we aimed for!

When we decide to quit smoking just by our own decision it’s much more easier then all your “old friends” puts their doubts on you and subconsciously the reason-of-quitting is switched. If you allowed them to push their doubts as a mission you will not get the correct satisfaction when you will succeed. It can be compared to a revenge type of satisfaction.

All the people who quitted smoking because of somebody’s doubts – they all get back to smoking after time because the motivation was built wrong initially!

Okay. People didn’t believed in your success in something – and then you proved them wrong! The surprise reaction on their faces will last 3 seconds but it took ages for you to do it. Maybe for somebody it’s a great push — but from my own experience I know it’s a one-time pleasure to prove wrong the odds. When you only do it for yourself you really try your best to elevate but when for somebody it’s all about performing, all about showing off and being concerned only about how the official result is shown to them. These are the first step of lying to yourself and stepping away from your original life-path. Not to switch on the topic against this thought I will later on post: Why people with funny last names end up more succesfull then all us?

It’s very important to be honest with ourselves and ask why we do — what we do.

Because if we will do that for wrong reasons we might get wrong understanding of the main purpose of productivity. Do not cross the line between optimism and narcissism because that may bring disappointment later on — causing APATHY.

When we ask why the answers should be like “for family”, “for money”, “for improvement”, “for Hip Hop”, “for SCiENCE”, but when we select “for appreciation”, “for fame” we mostly wake up in places we don’t wanna be at and doing things we don’t actually want to. Because them is not you. That’s why we have intuition, when we ask ourselves why doing this – we should feel how we pronounce the answer with strong confidence. If it sounds like it makes sense for you, and if this is really how you want to see yourself in future than GO FOR IT! Everybody will judge because they all have their own truths on it so just dont try to push them yours.

Oh again Im the champion of evolving infinite life-questions by swithing the themes when I just talking about posting first on Facebook profile, Carl! I do think it’s an endless talk but here I guess as a first post it’s enough. I realize that blogging is a good psychoanalysis for me because having the puzzle in thoughts makes it way harder to solve then putting it down on a paper and read it from a neutral eye. In the same way you should listen to your answers on questions why and you will see by yourself if it sounds good to you or not so the conclusion is clear I guess.


… I mean live in peace with yourself

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