Is this thing really the future of the smartphone?

I, like the rest of the tech community, have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung’s $2000 folding powerhouse that is purportedly a game changer for the smartphone industry.

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The butterfly metaphor is appropriate, I guess. Source: Samsung Press

This excitement is justified, the folding arrangement of the phone is the first update to the ‘rectangle with a slab of glass’ design ethos we’ve seen become hegemonic with smartphone manufacturers for the past decade.

In his review, Jon Rettinger compares the Galaxy Fold to the Galaxy Note. detailing how the Note challenged the design language of the time with its ginormous size, ‘It was so different from the mobile status quo that people didn’t know what to think of it. It seemed silly, it seemed ridiculous. But, retrospectively, I think we’ll look back on the Fold in the same way as the Note. …

Alex Firth

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