my wallet

I have an interesting wallet.

My wallet is not an ordinary wallet, it can’t be purchased in a store, and it’s certainly not designer.

My wallet is an elastic band, that surrounds my cards. It’s that simple. It’s not an original idea, I think it came from a lifehacker article a few years ago, but I’ve used it for around 18 months now, and I have no intentions of turning back.

Having a wallet like this makes you think essentially, cutting out the unessential crap you may carry around for years, and never use.

There are many reasons having such a wallet can be beneficial,

Skinny jeans are my favourite clothes, and traditional fat wallets simply do not fit into skinny jeans in a graceful manner. Stripping the wallet down to the bear essentials mean my wallet fits in whatever pocket I need it to, without being overbearing.

Call me infantile, but I think bright colours look really cool. I’m a bit fed up of the boring black and brown leather wallets that just don’t stand out. My wallet definitely stands out. Think of the poor graphic designers, working for banks and card issuers, no one ever gets to see their work when it’s stuck in someone’s boring wallet!

But the main reason is determinism. When you think about it, one day our phones will entirely replace our wallets. I already pay for things using my phone, I keep most of my loyalty cards there, and even the DVLA is flirting with the idea of letting you keep your driving licence on your phone! Boarding passes, mobile banking apps and ID cards are all going digital.

Is there really a need to carry a huge wallet, when the need for one is gradually diminishing?

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