5 Quick Tips For Managing Your Cashier

Your cashier employees are the people who spend the most amount of time with your customers, which is why it’s important to manage them well and train them well.

Here are five ways that you can better manage your cashier employees.


Make them keep their bags and personal stuff in the office or back room:

This should be a designated area with a camera on it. This camera serves two purposes: One is in case they steal something from the store, you have proof. And in case another employee or someone else steals something from their personal belongings or bag (which of course is pretty rare, but does happen) you also have proof.

It’s A GREAT idea to have that camera in place if you can, because chances are they could have helped you in the past.

This also keeps their phone away from them and in their bag or their area in the designated area. A cashier with a phone in his/her hand with their back hunched looking at the phone sends bad vibes to your customers. Tell your employee as soon as you create the designated area that they are to leave their phones with their personal belongings.


Have them read an interesting or fun book on wine or liquor either on their downtime when business is slow or when there aren’t any customers inside.

We encourage our employees at Pike’s Wine & Liquor to read and even write posts or articles for various bonuses (like a bottle of wine or an accessory) on their own time.

Either way, have them start with a book about the basics of wines and liquors. This increases their alcohol intelligence and simultaneously improves their customer service points! This helps the customers because if a customer does have a question (and unfortunately, many are shy to ask anyway) about what the difference between Cabernet and Merlots is, your employee wouldn’t have to call you to find out the answer and the customer would have more confidence shopping in your store in the future.


Teach them to say something to every customer that they’re near.

When a customer walks in and the cashier is appropriately far from them, you can have them say, ‘Welcome to Pike’s Wine & Liquor’ — hopefully, this will make most customers feel a little more comfortable than they might if nothing was said and also it might deter any ‘on the fence’ theives.

The other thing that we recommend you have your cashier employee say is something along these lines: “Have a nice _____! And check out your receipt for a special discount next time” as the customer is leaving. This is so that you have the opportunity of every customer looking at the bottom of your receipt and then liking you on Facebook or checking in on Yelp for a discount.

-for more on receipts, check out this post.


Don’t let them play lotto at your store.

So, if they are a new employee, tell them off the bat that lotto is off limits for them. They cannot purchase any scratch cards or play any lottery in your store. In my experience, a few employees have stolen lottery tickets so this is something that I learned the hard way but have never regretted.


Reward them occasionally and praise them whenever appropriate.

Positivity brings out the best in our cashier employees. So when it is appropriate to congratulate them or commend them for doing something well, or handling a certain customer the right way, or about answering a question about wine that may have surprised you that they knew, you should definitely praise them and make them feel great for doing that.

This will bring about a more positive attitude through to your customers and positive attitude someway, somehow brings for a more positive income. If your employee deserves it, then definitely show them appreciation by giving them a huge discount on some items that they might want to try.

You should and we recommend strongly that you reward them from time to time.

This article originally came from Liquor Store Improvements.