I have decided to write my own erotica books! Here is my challenge!

That’s it, I have decided to write my own erotica stories. It has taken me a while to dare, but I finally did. And I thought I would share some thoughts about my decision.

Let me talk about me. Or not, actually.

The thing is, I don’t want to talk about me. Writing erotic stories is about fantasies for me, and fantasies are not the kind of thing I talk about publicly. Writing in my case is about picturing some of my personal fantasies (for starters) and most likely about putting things and ideas into words. Kind of selfish, but putting things on paper makes them real, so somehow I guess writing down my fantasies is a little bit like living them. I don’t want to talk about that part of me. Would you?

Interestingly, writing sexy stories is also about my readers. In a funny way, maybe. Somehow, the idea of turning people on is very powerful. Normally we like turning someone one, our partner, a one night stand maybe, perhaps a couple of persons if you are into more cheeky things. That’s it. Writing sexy stories, however, is about turning a lot of people on, as many people as possible. Men, women, couples. Young adults, grown-ups, adult-adults. Some might find that crazy, but in full honesty I think that has to make part of the deal.

Short stories baby!

My thing is short stories. Call it laziness maybe.

In reality I am not too sure whether I would be able to actually write a full — normal and long story — with a plot, elaborate characters and so on. When I think sexy stories, I am excited with the idea of going straight to the point but long stories when the sexy developments happen here and then are an absolute turn down. So I went for shortness. Small stories, that go straight to the point.

Having said that, that might actually be a risky bet. I find that Amazon.com has a lot of short stories in stock. Some say that competition means market and readers so that might be a sign. Time will tell if my stories actually manage to get some visibility!

Having said that, since I have actually posted my first book a couple of weeks ago I have already had some very nice feedback from some of my readers. Some provided some very explicit feedback (which made me smile) and it seems like the idea of short stories that can be read rapidly was enjoyable to them. Again, time will say if short is good!

I started a month ago

So I started about a month ago.

I had a couple of stories written down so it took me a little bit of time to organise and plan how I would use them. Then I took some time to try and understand how to deal with amazon. Creating ebooks, creating covers, creating illustrations of all kinds, dealing with categories and understanding how the algorithm actually works. Not to forget the creation of an author page (here, in case you’re wondering).

All in all? I must say that is very fun!

I tried different pricing options too but I still haven’t figured out how pricing impacts sales on Amazon. And! And! And! And I began counting my first sales! I will keep that for another article though.

The next challenges

A lot of challenges remain.

The main one will be a matter of working on myself to find out how I feel about talking out loud about my new occupation.

There will also be the issue of figuring out how to use social network which — in my humble opinion — are not that social. The idea of “follow me but don’t talk to me please” is a real mystery to me.

I am however very curious to see how the mailing list I just created will work. I wrote a special — unpublished — story that I am giving for free to my subscribers and I put the link in my first two little books. Hopefully happy readers will sign-up, but that should be an interesting sign!

I will try to write more about this funny experience in the future. Have you ever tried this? Cheers!