My year with Udacity’s Android Nanodegree
Nate Ebel

I can say honest the Udacity Android Nanodegree is absolutely garbage.

After four month of learning I faced with the same situation again and again. You watched all lectures and make all assignments of the series of lessons and you have absolutely mess in your head.

The course has a big, not big, a huge amount of gaps, connected with nothing, just old or overlapped lectures and assignments.

They do what they want without any logic and rules while providing lectures. So yes, after all you will have a mess in your head.

You will have a huge amount of information that you can’t use in your programming practice. With a very tight schedule the result is obvious.

You will not finished their course within schedule or will not get knowledge.

They standard schedule is 10 hours per week. No, it’s not real. To understand their confusing mess of information and separate seeds from chaff you have to spend 50 hours per week and surfing 24 hours the Internet.

And their “coaches” are just kids that sits in front of camera and mumbling something absolutely useless.

The overloads your head and I think this is the main goal.

“Oh, are you overwhelmed? We are sincerely sorry, but you haven’t coped with your submissions, please pay again to finish”

It’s just a cheating. This guys do they business without brakes.

I was really, really disappointed.