The Google Pixel 6 Pro proves that User experience is king

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7 min readApr 1, 2022


I know I am late to the Google Pixel party! But this device excites me enough for me to want to write about it!

I’ve had a couple of Android phones in the last seven years, and more recently I made the switch from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

But when Google announced the Pixel 6 and PIxel 6 Pro I was really intrigued by their new design. I’ve always wanted to try a Google Pixel and see for myself what the fuss was all about but their previous blandish designs never raised my interest beyond wanting to try the camera.

I always enjoy trying different products anyway and as a tech reviewer I have the privilege to this as part of my business.

Google’s AI is making the Pixel 6 Pro a true ‘assistant’

As an Apple user, I do love having the convenience of the Apple “ecosystem”, and there are certain things that I think the Google Pixel 6 Pro is actually better at. For instance, voice texting. Or speech to text if you will. This one feature I truly believe is a game changer for a lot of people.

The responsiveness in multiple languages and the ability to understand my accent flawlessly completely blew me away!

Is it perfect? No, but I have a strange accent being from Brazil and whenever I tried to use this feature on the iPhone I just ended up getting frustrated and typing instead.

One of my creator friends has a condition which makes it really hard for him to type. So he really relies on speech to text and voice recognition features.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max still makes some horrible mistakes and doesn’t even try to fix them once the sentence has finished.

With the Pixel 6 Pro, one can see it live where it thinks it “heard” a word incorrectly but when it hears the rest of the sentence… It contextualises it! I simply had to try it for myself as this is something I really value.

As a business owner having to manage multiple clients at once, it’s all about time saving for me. Any time that I can shave off by not typing and just talking instead is a major bonus for me.

It can be when I am driving and trying to send messages, when I am out and about and an idea pops up… Or it can be after a complex meeting and I need to jot down my summary of it. I love all of that now!

And interacting with the device like a true assistant is something that has been lacking from other smartphones.

The design

Being perfectly honest, the Google Pixel 6 Pro design would have people going crazy if it was from Apple.

The unique design of the Pixel 6 Pro has caught my attention this time

I was immediately in love with how ergonomic the Pixel 6 Pro is. The weight is great and it looks fantastic.

I love my iPhone 13 Pro Max and have used the larger display iPhones since the iPhone 7 but I have to say… And Apple fans out there, I am sorry but I gotta give it to Google when it comes to the ergonomics.

It is so pleasant to have this screen ‘real estate’ and still feel comfortable to hold, especially for longer periods watching content or browsing social media.

The Haptics are awesome too, which is only a small thing I know, but all of those little touches add up to an extremely nice user experience.

Performance — Is the Tensor chip as revolutionary as Google makes up to be?

Is the new Tensor chip on par with the likes of Snapdragon?

When it comes to performance, it’s not Snapdragon but it’s meant to be optimised by Google for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I only just barely experienced some of it with the speech-to-text recognition and the computational photography features which are truly excellent.

However, when compared with the Samsung S22 Ultra, there is a clear difference in the experience. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly and some of this can indeed be subjective, but the S22 Ultra, particularly the Exynos 2200 version that I have feels considerably more sluggish.

The marriage between Google hardware and Android seems to be working well for the most part.

What about the camera?

The camera on the Google Pixel is the one thing on this device that I have been really looking forward to.

In good lighting so far, this has been incredible! I am not going to get over excited here but having used the S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max… The Pixel 6 Pro does hold its own!

It’s early days still for me but it has not disappointed. There are a couple of situations especially when indoors, when there’s no natural light involved when the shots are nothing special.

When I reviewed the S21 Ultra, the camera features was one aspect that I thought it also did really well.

With the built-in camera app, Android does make it more fun to use in comparison with the iOS camera app from Apple.

Apple take excellent ‘point and shoot’, no fuss pictures and it gets you excellent pictures, consistently straight off-the-bat.

But I believe we need a bit of fun when using smartphones for picture taking. Otherwise, we may as well take photos with our cameras and edit them afterwards in PhotoShop or something like that. I do value the ability to edit photos on the fly and having so much power in our hands now is really incredible.

Editing objects and people out of a photo using one finger? Yes please!

I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, it’s only been a few weeks but I am looking forward to using the Google Pixel 6 Pro for a bit longer and seeing how they compare in the long run.

Snowdrops — Shot on Google Pixel 6 Pro, unedited

Battery life

I know this has been a ‘hot subject’ and I am not going to say it’s been amazing because it hasn’t. I don’t think I use the phone in a normal way though as I have other devices but first impressions… the battery is not that good. It will probably last all day if I was really using the phone but I will have to test that properly.

I do get through an entire day and into lunch time of the following day on a single charge with the iPhone 13 Pro Max and based on early indications, I am not convinced I will be able to do the same with the Pixel.

I am aware that some people on YouTube and social media have been going ‘bananas’ over how bad the battery is but I think a lot of it comes down to brand loyalism and people ‘wanting’ it to have problems so they have a reason to make a video about it… which is why I always take some of these reviews with a pinch of salt and is always best to experience it for ourselves.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro has been a delight to use

User Interface — Has Android 12 turned into the most friendly Android ever?

When it comes to using Android 12, it has really been impressive. I love how much Android is changing to make the user experience more friendly.

When I jumped from the 12 Pro Max last year to the S21 Ultra after about 7 years of only using iPhones… I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly Android had become.

The little animations and the fact the wallpaper sort of dictates how the rest of the phone feels, along with the haptics and customisation options, makes it really compelling, even for people coming from the super easy to use Apple iOS.

It’s tricky to fit Android into an Apple ecosystem but as far as a smartphone experience goes, Android 12 is top notch!

There are issues though!

Even though it’s only been a few weeks, there are a couple of things that I think Google could have done better.

Some of it can probably be fixed with software updates — in fact some already have been fixed — such as overheating when taking time lapse videos.

However, some issues are quite fundamental to how the device was built and I don’t think Google can fix them with software. The display brightness for example and bluetooth connectivity issues.

The Optical Sensor fingerprint is another issue that I am not sure can be fixed with software.

It’s extremely slow, and just not good enough. It is a cheaper phone in comparison with the S21 Ultra when it was released but I was honestly expecting this feature to work flawlessly.

In conclusion, it’s hard for me not to draw any comparisons with the iPhone 13 Pro range or the Samsung S21 or S22 Ultra for example but my very first impression of using the PIxel 6 Pro was one of pleasure, lightness and simplicity.

And that’s pretty cool to me!