How writing on Medium landed me at Medium
Colin Vernon

So cool — that’s the thing I love about Medium, you have that ability to connect to audiences completely in tune to your interests(especially if they work at Medium).

It’s a bit scary for me, but I had to comment and show you this article that felt in line with what you guys are building. Since Medium is expanding into publishing, it’s cool how you’re building value for companies through partnered products and private events for readers. For the old guard, not only are their CMS platforms bloated, but ad blocks are hurting most of their online revenue anyway.

Instead, it’s about time to move to smarter forms of revenue. You do some awesome stuff thats willingly endorsed, and nobody feels like they’re getting stuff thrown in their face unless they’re interested. It’s all about building that trust with the reader & companies. This connected to me as an engineer and a writer here in SoHo. And hey — if you’re hiring in NYC, definitely let me know.

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