It is impossible to be unhappy on a bicycle

Alexia Carroll
Jul 7, 2019 · 3 min read

He was a longtime lover of the two-wheel life and it was not a secret. The most of the time he was the happiest person in the world because he always biked to his destinations rather than just sitting and riding in a bus.

He also stood and rejoiced every time he saw a human ride by on a those wheels. When he saw an adult on a bicycle, he had never despaired for the future of the human race.

Now, he was standing on a hill and thinking about his first bicycle.While the memories of his bike are fading, he saw a child who was so happy with his bicycle in the past.

The only thing that he remember the highlight of his childhood was about his bicycle. There was a picture and he was three in that picture. It was the beginning of the new spring season and he was sitting close to the window in order to see the bikes being ridden up and down the street. He would be able to get his first bicycle when he was 7. His first bicycle was a brand new shiny red Schwinn, which also arrived right after the winter. That’s why spring is synonymous with bicycle for him. His dad also attached a black basket back on. He had the stabilizers on just for the first day. The other day he took them off.

At last he could cycle with all the other kids in his neighborhood. He rode his bicycle the whole time with his friends when he was not at the school. During the school time, he was also biking in his head. His teacher solving some equations but he was just dreaming his beautiful bicycle at that time. All the memories that contains bicycle was so beautiful. It was utterly normal because it was impossible for his brain to generate a negative cycling memory. He had ridden the same bicycle for twelve thousands times. He had never been neglected his bicycle. His bicycle would be given to his brother. And this time, young Einstein wrote his love,

“When we have scraped together enough money, we can buy bicycles and take a bike tour every couple of weeks.”

The bicycle surely should have always been the vehicle of lovers.

He was a great rider. The most beautiful thing while he was on his bicycle was going down the hill without using his hands.

Now he was 37. He started cycling. He was going down the hill. After a few meters his hands was off. Then he opened his arms like a flying bird. His speed was increasing exponentially. He closed his eyes. He literally felt the wind. His eyes was still closed and he was filled with dread but he was smiling. He could see that he finally was be able to liberate himself.The bicycle was indisputably one of humanity’s greatest inventions. He asked the birds;

“Did you see him, birds. A man on a bicycle, a human on a bicycle, he can fly.”

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