The story of Ruzzit

Launching the tool to find the most shared content on the web.

It’s been an exciting time since we released Ruzzit Beta over on Product Hunt. The traction and audience we got through the feature has been interesting to see grow in such a short timeframe and we are so thankful to the team at PH to have allowed this to happen.

We know there is still a lot of work that needs to be done for Ruzzit to become what we hope it can be. So join us on this exciting new story and who knows where it will take us! (Ok, sorry, a bit too cliché there, but keep reading, it will get more interesting. Promise!)

Final intro note: Just to clarify, these are very early days with Ruzzit. These sort of stories pop up every day, (literally) but hopefully this is honest enough for you to see where we’re actually at, compared to where we think we’re at ;)

How Ruzzit started:

We need to head back to October 2014 when @anselmetrochu wanted to find a community that had all the top viral content in the world in a single location. It was a struggle to find anything decent so there seemed to be an opportunity in the market to create such a tool.

Ruzzit Alpha was developed and released.

Ruzzit Alpha

It was at this point where feedback from other people was essential in order to help build the tool in the best way. Anselme was aware that he needed to improve on the user experience and it was at this point that Alex @alexgilmore0811 came into the picture.

How Ruzzit evolved

It all started from a single post on Reddit — the front page of the internet, over on /r/startups community:

Hello Guys,
A couple of months ago, I was looking the curve of BuzzFeed and Reddit on and I had this idea to build this plateform which should index content we daily use and rank them according to their social indicators and a timeline. Doing kind of a social reddit.
This is my prototype
Before posting your comment you have to know I’m not a webdesigner, it’s only a prototype, and I know that UI me be improved. I know that the next move would be a better user experience but what do yo think about it ? Do you like the general idea?

Initial communication between Anselme and Alex started on Reddit

First contact

We had our first conversation on Skype to see if something could work. After a short period of time, the visuals of Ruzzit were created with a major change. First off, a brand was created. Not just a website or a fancy logo, but an entire documentation and vision of where Ruzzit would head. If it was ever going to become something big it needed to be done correctly from the very start (or at least, we tried to!)

We created a brand

Ruzzit Icon
Initial message
Landing page
Twitter page
Facebook page

Product Hunt Launch

We always loved the idea of being able to present what we had created to an incredible and influential community such as Product Hunt. On Friday the 10th of April 2015 we submitted Ruzzit Beta as an exclusive and featured product. The reception was huge. Much greater than we had ever thought!

By the end of the first day Ruzzit was 2nd. There were over 400 upvotes, 5000 unique page visitors and dozens of messages, tweets and emails to go through, not to mention the verity of opportunities and collaborations (more news to come about this soon!)

Ruzzits first 5 days stats:

  • 550+ votes on Product Hunt
  • Over 65'000 page views- ie: sets of 10 contents (excluding FAQ / About)
  • Over 10'000 unique visitors (with 15–27% return visitors in day 4 and 5)

We are very aware of what levels of traffic are needed for Ruzzit to succeed.

There was always going to be a peak on day 1, but were most interested about the traffic after a few days, as well as the % of the return visitor which hit 20% on day 3. Even with over 1000 new users a day it’s a good start, which is exactly what we wanted.

Note: Unfortunately there are issues with the Avg. Session Duration and the page views due to the page structure we currently have.

Plans for the future

First off we know how much work that needs to be done. We want to keep the momentum and buzz going as things are heading in the right direction, but with all the new ideas and feedback we have discussed we know it will be challanging. Thanks to the traffic we were able to analyse the data from our server and google analytics which has helped us understand what worked and what didn’t work.

With that being said these are the areas we are going to be working on in the near future:

  • Profile page (linked with social media accounts)
  • Save and comment on links
  • Submit your own videos, images and blog articles
  • iOS and Android App development
  • Server and crawler improved
  • Additional social media platforms to select (instagram, tumblur etc)
  • Thousands of new sites added to our database to crawl
  • Manually select time frames
  • Regular updates on social media (ie: top 10 shared content of the week)
  • Development and plans of initial investment Seed Round
  • New timeline design layout

Stay updated

Stay updated with the latest by follow us on facebook or twitter …Or you can follow co-founders @anselmetrochu @alexgilmore0811 we’ll try our best to keep everyone up to date, but keep in mind we are also focused on working to make this happen.

We’re always looking for opportunities to collaborate and partner, so please comment or get in touch if you have any ideas or feedback at

Thank you all.