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ISACA Polyverse Case Study

One of our customers recently commissioned a study on Polyverse and the results were published in the ISACA journal. In this study, the attackers directly attacked the live, production website for Polyverse Corporation. This website is a traditional content-heavy site backed by a content-management system, or CMS.

The study conclusively demonstrated the resiliency of Polyverse’s Moving Target Defense technology against web-application and remote-code exploit attacks. Among the report’s conclusions:

“None of the attacks against the Polyverse production web site resulted in remote access, sensitive information disclosure or the ability to modify server-side information.”

“The pentester was unable to force the…

Moving Target Defense: Reinventing Cybersecurity

We keep hearing about companies getting hacked. It’s alarming, and it happens all too often. Knowing these cybercriminals have the knowledge and power to access valuable information truly drives home how critical it is to protect your organization’s sensitive data. But how?

Out With the Old

Many traditional IT systems are built with static configurations and the same software that hackers are using (such as Linux and Windows). This is exactly what cyberattackers exploit. It’s kind of like dodgeball — the kid who stands in one place for too long is going to get hit…

Alexander Gounares

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