How I survived Burning Man
Ariel Meranus

I feel the whole “20 pages” pack list can give very wrong impression to the unfamiliar people. Here’s a single page pack list that will do just fine . I’ve used it for 3 years straight now with very minor adjustments here and there.

Also, I found your conclusion somewhat lacking. To me it sounded like “it was too hard”… and it’s a totally OK explanation, but I think it covers up the real reason. I think that everyone who goes again and again knows that it’s hard and find that the hardship far outweighs the rewards. This makes me think that you didn’t think the reward was worth the effort. Last year was also one of the coldest years I hear, two nights were below freezing and even experienced burners were caught by surprise.

There are of course folks like me who sit on their ass most of the year in front of a computer and relish at the opportunity to go and build something, experience minor hardships, get dirty, eat some dust.

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