Interrupting your regularly scheduled scrolling (a dare or two await you)

A few tips and tricks to maintain your sanity amongst the noise coming from your cellphone.

Medium may be, frankly, one of the most captivating and surprisingly useful time-traps of digesting insights and knowledge we have. We dig through and peruse thousands of works looking for inspiration, or guidance, or simply a light read to occupy a subway ride. And this community thrives on such a humility that someone even as admittedly unqualified to offer “expert” advice as me feels compelled to contribute.

Medium is rapidly becoming my preferred time bomb on my phone. Churning through stories and insights here is enormously more engaging than the comparable options on any other app or site. With this noted, I’m finding the necessity of discerning scrolling for content versus scrolling out of boredom and reading anything with a catchy title.

Therefore, I propose a quick respite from your regularly scheduled browsing. Here’s a dare from me to you: take five and tackle one of these (relatively) offline acts:

  • Call a grandparent/parent/aunt/uncle/mentor you haven’t connected with in over a few weeks. You don’t have a purpose for this call; see where the conversation goes!
  • Put your phone on silent, toss it in another room, and meditate for five. Just focus on the ins and outs of your breath.
  • Pick up the first book you see and read a chapter; Write a paragraph on your digestions and opinions.
  • Revisit your last three read articles and leave an honest comment on each
  • Plan out an adventure you’ll take this Sunday, and hold yourself to it. Get a friend involved for accountability.
  • Phone a friend and ask for unsolicited or even baseless advice.

Regardless of your choice, hop up and walk around for a few minutes or bang out ten push ups. Chances are, you’ve been stationary for more of the articles you’ve read than in motion.

The premise here is to grant a momentary challenge to break what might become mindless reading or scrolling. After all, if we’re searching for inspiration and entertainment, it’s often just as easy to create it ourselves. Whether it does or doesn’t, I guarantee your conversations or commentaries will toss a positive curveball in your routine. If it’s just for a minute, take this opportunity to make someone smile or challenge someone to think.

It’s much easier than you may think to create that “spark” with a quick augmentation of routine.

Drop a line letting us know what you take out of your quick break!
Alex spends too much time attempting to make sense of life after formal studies, and too little time formally studying. Follow along for more based and baseless insights sparked at a whim.
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