21 Things 21 year-olds Forget…

  1. Keys: Now you just made a big mess and still haven’t found the keys. Great.
  2. Your favorite shirt when you need it the most: You specifically didn’t wore the shirt for the mere purpose to wear it on a Friday night and now you have no clue where is it. Check your younger sibling’s closet.
  3. Your gf/bf anniversary date: It was cool the first time. It really was. But after three years of dating, I think this is plain sad.
  4. Your headphones: This just sucks.
  5. To feed your dog: People, please feed your dog. It gets pretty annoying when I can’t eat my food because your dog is slobbering all over my leg.
  6. Your Facebook password: This is the third time you’re changing your password. Do yourself a favor and write down your password next time.
  7. An umbrella: Oh yea, you never check the weather forecast. It just happens they got it right this time.
  8. To walk your dog: Maybe, just maybe you are not the great dog owner you think you are.
  9. Your assignments: It’s the night before deadline and you get a text “Hey, did you do the assignment?” Go on, save your grade and stop binge watching your favorite show.
  10. To take a shower: Oh? Most people don’t forget this? Yea, I don’t either… I thought… nevermind.
  11. To say happy birthday to your auntie: You had one job. Write a post on how much you appreciate your aunt. But you forget. Now you’re the nephew/niece that’s too cool for her. You fucked up.
  12. To use your groupon: You couldn’t resist right? It was the great deal. It was the best deal. But now it expired and you paid for nothing. Goob job baller.
  13. Buy your mom a Christmas present: When I say she’s probably the number one person in your life, I don’t think I’m exaggerating. You are now buying a gift card at your local pharmacy.
  14. The leftover weed: You were stupid stoned last weekend but vividly remember having a small joint left. Stop looking for it, you won’t find it.
  15. To take a selfie at the gym: Doesn’t it feel spectacular to wake up at 6AM and hit the gym. Don’t tell me you didn’t take a selfie? All that working out for nothing.
  16. How much money you spend Friday night: It was payday and you were out here P.Diddying the shit out of your money. DON’T check your bank account.
  17. Answer her/his texts: Things were heading the right direction. You finally got over your ex and have been talking to someone. But they are not answering. Typical. Unless you didn’t actually send your text in the first place which you actually didn’t. Back to binging on Netflix hot shot.
  18. How to do laundry: You called your mom and watched Youtube tutorial videos yet forget every time.
  19. To keep that diet: Simple answer for this… pizza.
  20. 2017 is around the corner: That was fucking fast. I thought you were all dead by 2012.
  21. This probably would be the best era of our lives.
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