Human minds and uploaded minds are equal as part of the hive mind

Even if there is no objective truth, there are subjective conceptions of what different groups perceive as true.
Different people find their motivations in life in various beliefs.
Knowing these beliefs is useful to understanding how people act. 
There is often enough consensus among individuals to form groups based on inter-subjective truths.
Various thought leaders think life is about drives: for power, meaning, pleasure, truth, money, value, helping others, , happiness, authenticity-to-self, influence, good life, morality, etc.
These are all ways the human mind can think of life and adapt to our environment and awareness of others.
Neuroscience shows there’s limits in terms of the complexity of things that various consciousnesses, human and animal, can understand; those limits are themselves capable of evolution: merging of man and machine minds will increase capacity and processing speed.
When we train AI to simulate how humans think, adversarial approaches offer competitive outcomes similar to how different groups of people would summarize or classify things somewhat differently. 
What we know: is that there are known knowns and known unknowns, but realize that there’s also unknown unknowns: facts about reality we down even realize to think and ask about yet. 
The fractal tree of human thought has infinite branches: as history progresses there’s more splits and sub-fields in beliefs and ideas, as well as more minds to process those possibilities for future evolution. 
In a mind-uploading future, these decision strategies shape the logic of human destiny and the way in which we remake the universe to our own ends. If universe is a sim, that’s all the same — there is no “not sim” — since we can make infinite fractal math/data uni’s all the way up/down.