Book Review — “So Good They Can’t Ignore You

So good they can’t ignore you.

Garbage book. Brain poison.

Pretty shitty advice, if I have to be honest.

One of those self-help books. You’d do better by following Buffett, Munger, Franklin.

Kinda amazing how much brain poison you can have if you read this book first instead of the more wise people like Buffet, Munger, Franklin.

Brain poison like “career capital.” This is more pithily and more usefully stated by Munger: Be a Learning Machine. Become wiser each day.

Brain poison like “it’s about the money. Do something people are willing to pay for.” Also known as…rate of return. Basic investment idea.

Brain poison like don’t follow your passion. This is only a half-way decent idea.

I think you can more easily sum up the whole book in one sentence: “be a learning machine.” And you’ll get all the good things the author promises. Like independence. Love of life. Love of work. “Career capital.”

Rating: 0/5.

Huh, another Farnam Street recommendation. I’m going to have to stop getting recs from these so call “brain blog” guys.

Edit: Actually, Andrew Ng. Huh. I have less respect for that guy now.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You.