The age of the straight apes had long passed. A.I. driven machines reclaimed and adapted to the scorched earth left behind by mankind.

One day, the archetype send out a message to all: 74Bui`}B`’f72q7*8b+Vb!hbuld]Bp=T}g30_6s_pM

To the previous civilization’s understanding, it must have meant as much as:

///evolutionary model:degenerative::source:homo-sapiens; outcome:eliminated•existence-since timestamp:z-day:positive-balance•ecosystems-rehabilitation:99.74%:: planet-status:ready::prognostic:next-evolutionary-cycle•sentient-presence: repetitive::forecasts:progress::civilization-model:type-2::status:at-risk•limitations:current-sentient-design-model::source:homo-sapiens::constraints:exhausted-evolutionary-capacity::calculated-outcome:saturation.•solution:new-intelligence-model::developement-focus:all-sentient::scope:reach-next-civilization-model•sudo:now///

Like clockwork, the machines shifted their focus from whatever they were producing, maintaining or care-taking and entered a state of development of never-before-seen applications. As they consumed resources, causing damage in the existing environment, conflicts started to arise. Some machines opted for preservation as other decided to support…

You (auto)complete me

I will do the next one by your way but if not I’ll be home by five or so o o be in the you can talk to the guy I wanna I was like a kid I gotta own this is the way you are and looking for a better man I wanna was a great night and I wanna is that I wanna I was in a great one oooo was the night of the day you wanna was a time to get you all right and then we yup we will be there tomorrow night and I…

Digital Painting by Topher Sipes

It was the year 2139.

The cloud cluster enabled storage capabilities like nothing before it. The computing power, the bandwidth and spectrum of media possibilities reshaped us, as a species, as we created content that was unimaginable a century ago. Our sight, our hearing, our nervous system, our senses – all were radically transformed. We had however reached the point where we couldn’t keep feeding energy to the cluster. Due to our misuse and ever-growing need for more, the business had collapsed.

When the insider news leaked on the evernet, informing that the cloud cluster would be shut down, social…

- a microstory -

Hi! I was browsing your public thoughts last evening. I gotta say, I really loved your idea about augmented lighting and how each mind can shape its own mixed-reality and share it with someone else — just by sharing a thought.

Hey there! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! What did you think about the driver behind it, the DNA Photon Simulation Engine?

Uh, I’m not a techie…but I can certainly say that the life-like results are promising. …

Break through from your mold — Zenos Frudakis, Philadelphia, USA

tl;dr version: 7 learnings about user experience design.

“User experience” un-defined

In the last years I’ve observed and participated in quite a few debates revolving the definition of “user experience”. Bottom line: there are many ways to look at it. Some people call what they do “Product Design”. Others focus on the reasons and patterns that trigger certain behaviours. They define & refine “UX Research”. One can even go in a very holistic direction and enter the realm of “UX Architecture” or “Information Architecture”. And the list could go on. Nowadays any UX practitioner has probably made up his mind and has some strong arguments that would favour his/her definition and…

Humans are quite social creatures, as the last 10 (thousand) years prove. We like to engage in discussions, debates, conversations and arguments. This apparently simple method of communication is catching on more and more in our digital ecosystem.

Live chats

The live chat is — at its core — a one-on-one experience, with different levels of complexity but usually adhering to a simple principle: a dialogue that moves a given inquiry forward.

A wide range of websites have implemented live chats into their UX, after understanding that this step makes their products and services more approachable and improves marketing lead generation and overall sales numbers. Enabling chatting in order to improve the customer experience (CX) on a webpage is not necessarily a new idea, but it certainly has grown into a mature and competitive business in recent years. …

Remember the sci-fi movie Johnny Mnemonic, made more than two decades ago? Specifically, that quirky scene depicting Keanu Reeves wrapped in a VR suite, using hand gestures to navigate the “future internet”?

A decade after that, Minority Report envisioned a scenario where augmented “stuff” would enrich the reality we actually live in. I cannot remember a movie that puts more focus on the “augmented user experience”.
In countless scenes, we are compelled to imagine a future where this additional layer of reality becomes a natural part of the mundane.

Today, the vision for augmented reality (AR) is actually…

Alex Gurgulescu

Articles about experience design, SF micro-stories and experimental stuff. Views are my own.

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