Some of my favorite coffee shops around the world, told through my Yelp reviews

I drink a lot of coffee, and one of my favorite things to do when I travel is to visit coffee shops in every city and find what makes that coffee unique.

Today, I share the stories of some of my travels through the coffee world. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, rather I’d like to give you just a taste of great coffee shops around the world.

San Sebastian, Spain

A tiny town on the north coast of Spain, with some delightful coffee shops. There’s also delicious pintxos, wines, and Michelin star restaurants that make this coastal town well worth visiting. Two coffee shops to share, one fancy for an afternoon coffee, the other is a great pick up and go in the morning.

Hamburg, Germany

The Northern Germany port city is one I haven’t yet had enough time to explore, but what I did find was a small coffee shop doing wonderful things to coffee.

San Francisco, CA

The city that started it all. San Francisco has a number of notable coffee shops, and I’ve got two of my favorites to share. Please visit both if you’re tripping in San Francisco!

Midtown Manhattan, NY

I discovered this one by accident. It’s a short review, but it fits because the coffee shop is very tiny. Third rail is a must visit when in NYC.

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann arbor is a special place. It’s the place my coffee hobby grew immensely. I first went to Mighty Good when it was a hole in a coworking space, and then started attending Lab as a regular. Lab brings in coffees from all over, and exposed me to the fantastic Anthology Coffee roasters in Detroit, MI.

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