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Adam Peck gets it wrong once again. Donald Trump called the second debate rigged before it started. The reality is that the debates are rigged. First of all the commission that organizes the debate is run by Republican and Democratic party elites — none of whom support Trump. Normally the commission works because half of the members support one of the candidates and the other half support the other. In this case, no one, not a single member, supports Trump. Furthermore, the moderators are journalists — clearly rigging the debate.

Journalists should never moderate debate — moderators should moderate. In any other form of debate — from high school debate to moot court — moderation is about keeping the clock and not getting involved in the discussion.

The fact that we ask journalists to involve themselves in the debate from a journalistic perspective means that we’re asking them to invoke their biases — fact checking the candidates. The irony of the various fact-checking websites is that they don’t always agree on the facts — in most cases, anything that requires an opinion cannot be a fact. In these debates, there is a lot of opinion.

For example, when Hillary claims she didn’t delete 30,000 emails she is telling the truth. But when Trump claims she did delete 30,000 emails he is also telling the truth. It is the job of the candidate to convince the judge (i.e. us) that they are right.

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