Is this satirical or something?
The Stammering Dunce

Hate must be tolerated and engaged. Simply hating someone for hating is not the solution. What cannot be tolerated is violence. If you dehumanize a group who hates you — you create the conditions necessary for violence.

Start by listening to what the people you think “hate” you and try to understand what they are actually saying. In Donald Trump’s case he doesn’t “hate” Mexicans, but the left continues to repeat that refrain. In fact Donald Trump was drawing attention to the MAJOR issue we have in this country related to illegal immigration. We’ve got more than 11 million illegal immigrants in this country — all living beneath the law. Each year more than 700,000 illegal immigrants enter this country — our border isn’t secure. Those people that are willing to break our immigration laws are more often than not willing to break other laws. Of the 11 million illegal immigrants here, 2 million of them have been convicted of felonies here.

At the end of the day Donald Trump likes Mexicans. He hires them. He works with them. He plays golf with them. He’s even slept with them. He loves tacos (even though we all know those aren’t Mexican). He just wants America to close our border so we can let the BEST into this country. Immigrants who followed the laws in their countries — immigrants who will follow the laws in our country when they get here.

It is a lot easier to suggest, “Donald Trump hates Mexicans” but it doesn’t make it true. So the next time you suggest we should be bigoted toward bigots remember — you’re both bigots — glass houses…