That said, even if it is all true, it’s wrong to hold a wife accountable to her husband’s misdeeds. And did she mistreat or bully his accusers? Well, what spouse who believes their husband wouldn’t? Either way, she’s a victim (either of him, or of lies against the two of them), and acted defensively the way most people in her position would.
Bill is a sleaze, but he’s not running.
Nathan Empsall

Have you listened to the testimony? Watched the videos? These women were assaulted by Bill and then their lives were destroyed by Hillary.

Hillary would sent investigators to the women’s employers, family, and friends asking leading questions to intimidate them. It was so horrific I can’t really imagine how you could justify it by suggested “she stood by her man”.

It is one thing to forgive your husband, it is another to attack his victims. I just can’t forgive her.

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