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I have no idea who is telling the truth — neither do you. Gilberthorpe and Trump deny Leeds claim — that much is true. Your indictment of Gilberthorpe’s corroboration of Trump’s story is the fact that it would be unlikely that an 18–year-old was sitting in first class?

You might be surprised to learn that Gilberthorpe was a “pimp” at the age of 17 — providing underage prostitutes to members of the British Parliament — I assume this pays fairly well and might be how could afford a first class ticket when he was 18.

The “witness” is a hot mess. He’s a serial liar — you can’t blame Trump that the ONLY other person in the entire world that remembers a flight from Dallas to New York 30 years ago is Gilberthorpe. I suspect if Trump were inventing a fake witness he’d have picked someone a little more reliable than this guy. The funny thing is that you ignore the very real problems with the story Leeds is telling.

She is a staunch liberal feminist, a registered Democrat, and her daughter works in the Obama administration for Vice President Joe Biden. Each of the women’s claims were coordinated to come out a roughly the same time — within the course of three days this week. In Jessica’s case she described her incident to Anderson Cooper with lyrics from a famous Velvet Underground song from her youth claiming, “He was like an octopus,” she said. “His hands were everywhere.” Listen for yourself:

But sadly Jessica wasn’t even the first person to be inspired by the song. Just two years earlier another women made the EXACT same claim against Bill Roache using the exact same lyrics.

Worse yet Jessica’s story is filled with factual problems. She claims she was flying in first class with Donald Trump from DFW to NYC on a Braniff 707. Braniff didn’t fly 707s — they flew the 727. Why does this matter? Jessica claimed Trump lifted the armrest before he began to attack her — the armrests on the 727 don’t move (the 707 did).

To add insult to injury there is an eye-witness who was on the flight who disputes Jessica’s story. I won’t bother to recount it here, but you can read it for yourself:

The worst part of this entire matter is the fact that Jessica’s personal history is being drug through the mud. Her daughter and granddaughter are seeing it all. They’ll always know about how Jessica caused more than a million dollars in damage to her clients on Wall Street — the SEC fined her and her company thousands of dollars as a result. All of her personal details are coming out — it won’t stop. She’ll be destroyed by the media.

Don’t blame Jessica. She’s in her 70’s and she’s doing what she’s doing for her country. Blame Hillary Clinton for letting her. Blame Hillary for allowing her to make up this story. Sure, Jessica sat next to Donald Trump on a plane in the 70s — but her story is a complete fabrication — from the Velvet Underground lyrics to the first class seats on the 727. Shame on you Hillary Clinton — shame on you.