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I will forgive you for not understanding what it means to co-sponsor legislation. Before you suggest that Hillary “helped” pass other bills by lending her name to them as a co-sponsor you ought to realize that co-sponsoring a bill certainly doesn’t “help” passage and it doesn’t require ANY work from co-sponsor. There is a good piece in Salon explaining the practice if you have doubts.

Hillary’s staff slapped her name on 2,676 pieces of legislation; more than two bills for every day she served in the Senate. There is no possible way Hillary could have read these bills — much less worked to get them passed.

Hillary awkwardly holding a baby.

Every member of Congress has a “key issue” that is important to them or their constituents — and without fail every Senator eventually introduces and fights to pass legislation related to this issue. During Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign she claimed children were her priority in the Senate, but her record tells a different story. Over the course of nine years she honored a labor leader, a Vietnam veteran, and an NBC reporter — she didn’t introduce a single piece of legislation related to children or the environment— nothing whatsoever. In fact she didn’t introduce anything approaching a “key issue”.

What did Hillary do in the Senate? As far as I can tell all she did was to raise millions from Wall Street and begin her presidential campaigns. Can anyone help me understand how she’s helped children or the environment?

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