Yeah, I don’t talk this way and I don’t feel that way and thankfully, “locker room talk” is not something I hear from people I consider close friends, but what have I done about it? Not enough. I need to do more, and it needs to start now.
The Locker Room All Around Us
christian svanes kolding

I’ve mentioned this more than a few times — locker room talk is locker room talk. I’ve covered women’s sports on the college and professional level. The locker rooms are every bit as raunchy as the mens locker rooms. My ass has been slapped. My crotch has been grabbed. I’ve been kissed. It might be more out of control than the mens locker rooms — I’ve never seen a female reporter’s ass slapped, pussy grabbed, or lips kissed.

I’m with him — and it has nothing to do with the locker room. Hillary made it clear she has one commitment for the public and one for Wall Street. They clearly pay her more than we do — she’s for them — not us.

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