Trump and his campaign have doubled down on attempts to smear and discredit his accusers.
One Trump accuser says she plans to flee the country
Laurel Raymond

Let’s assume for a moment (and I know that will be hard for you) that Donald Trump is innocent of these charges. How would you propose he respond appropriately?

He has denied the charges, but the media has asked for proof. Proving a negative is almost impossible. Anyone can claim someone did something years earlier — especially something as insignificant as a “grab and a little nudge” that she initially assumed was a “camera bag” bumping into her at a crowded concert.

The reality is that Donald Trump may not have been at that concert (he had gone to an earlier performance three weeks earlier). Even if he was he might very well have bumped into the woman unintentionally — or someone else might have bumped her. At the end of the day Trump can deny deny deny — but it is just his word against hers — the way people attempt to discredit people is to look to their past.

Jessica Leeds was the first woman to be attacked by Donald Trump. Her story has been debunked conclusively. It should come as no surprise that the DNC arranged for several more party loyalists to fall on their swords and claim Donald Trump sexually assaulted them. One by one the claims of these women are being disproven and their lives are being upended as a result. Each of these women believes in their heart of hearts they’re doing the right thing — stopping the biggest threat to Democracy in their lifetimes. They also believe that Hillary Clinton will be the greatest president in history. You can hardly blame them for sacrificing their reputations to save her candidacy. The reality is that Hillary Clinton is perfectly happy letting them make these sacrifices for her — she should be ashamed of herself and call on her supporters to stop sacrificing their reputations for her benefit.

The latest woman’s accusation to be disproven is from Mindy McGillivray. She claimed that she “felt a grab, a little nudge” standing in front of Donald Trump at a Ray Charles concert on January 24, 2003. Her associate who was standing next to her claimed he “did not witness the alleged groping”. Somehow a grab and a nudge turned into a grope — when asked to explain the incident 13 years later she said, “This was a pretty good nudge. More of a grab. It was pretty close to the center of my butt. I was startled. I jumped.’’

Mindy explained that one of the reasons she didn’t say anything at the time was the fact that Trump was engaged to Melania at the time — but the reality is they didn’t get engaged to the next year. More damning is the fact that the event never took place — Trump saw Ray Charles three weeks beforethe date Mindy claimed the “grope” occured.

Don’t blame Mindy. She’s doing what she’s doing for her country. Blame Hillary Clinton for letting her. Blame Hillary for allowing her to make up this story. Shame on you Hillary Clinton — shame on you.