No Sanctuary in Sanctuary Cities?

In a stunning revelation NPR exposes the dark truth.

Sanctuary Cities in the United States

Throughout the United States there are Democratically controlled cities that tout their status as “sanctuary cities”. The Democrats who control these havens for illegal immigrants claim they do not cooperate with federal authorities to enforce existing immigration laws. In a stunning report on NPR this morning we learn that sanctuary cities are actually working with Homeland Security to deport illegal aliens who have committed serious violent crimes.

Earlier this week Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck admitted that, “We already, when somebody commits a serious violent crime, cooperate to what extent is legal with [the Department of Homeland Security.]” King County Sheriff John Urquhart explained that just because his jurisdiction falls within a sanctuary city, “That doesn’t mean we can’t deal with the true criminals. We want to let ICE know that they may want to take a look at this person, because they’re a criminal, and I want them out of this country just as much as Donald Trump does.”

Once NPR blew the lid off of this scandal the president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Thomas Saenz was outraged explaining, “If a sheriff or sheriff’s deputy or anyone else is, without a conviction, deciding this is a bad person, and ‘We want to find some other means of getting them out of the community and therefore we’re going to call ICE,’ that’s bad policy. In fact, it is arguably unconstitutional policy. There should be a strict, strict wall of no cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.”

Democratic politicians are lying to their Hispanic constituents — there is no such thing as sanctuary cities in the United States — instead we have a ragtag group of politicians applying the law inconsistently and unfairly. The United States has a very specific immigration law — love it or hate it — there is a very extensive body of law that we all need to follow. We do need to reform our immigration laws, but until then everyone needs to follow them.