Thanks for that, it’s a thoughtful response.
Eric Heller

Setting aside that term, I think their are really two main issues at stake.

First, can a political neophyte effectively govern institutions employing more than 2 million civil servants (not counting the military)? These employees can’t be fired and they’re managed by political appointees. Ronald Reagan was able to surround himself with true political operatives — would Trump be willing to do the same? I literally have no idea.

Second, would Trump be able to survive a single year in office given the fact that BOTH parties oppose him and his policies? Every president from since Clinton has faced charges that could result in impeachment from the opposing party — the only reasons they weren’t convicted were political — their own party wasn’t going to kick them out of office. It is very likely that Pence would serve most of Trump’s term in office.

What we don’t have to worry about is Trump disbanding Congress, suspending the Constitution, firing the Supreme Court, and taking control — the American people (most of whom are armed) wouldn’t stand for it. I’ll vote for the man — I would never submit to him as our dictator. I pledge that I would fight to overthrow him if he attempted to turn our country into a dictatorship — the sort of people who support him are both the sort that would oppose that sort of action and the sort who have the means to do so.

My friends on the left — I get it. You all have no concept of fighting. You oppose the 2nd amendment — we support it for one single reason — to preserve our freedom. We don’t care about hunting or home defense. We want to ensure we have a democracy — run by Hillary or Trump — it doesn’t matter as long as the American people decide.

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