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The big concern among the press and the voters is that Hillary’s kneejerk reaction is to lie before telling the truth. Once again it isn’t the deed (i.e. getting sick) it is the cover-up that is getting her in trouble.

The media was becoming more and more concerned with Hillary’s health — the unstoppable coughing fits — and their questions were becoming more and more common. Even after her positive diagnosis for pneumonia she and her staff continued to claim she was healthy — the media knew she was sick and that is why they continually asked about her health.

Even AFTER her episode on 9/11 she stepped outside of her daughter’s apartment to assure the press she was “okay” and that she was just a little overheated. The poor woman has pneumonia — if she had just said that from the start the matter would have been closed. Now Hillary has given everyone another example of how she’d prefer to lie even when the truth would help her. It is almost pathological.

Ironically, her decision to lie has had an upside for her campaign. Dr. Bennet Omalu, the famous pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy, suggested that Clinton was being poisoned by Trump and Putin — he came to the diagnosis because Hillary failed to admit that she had a straightforward case of pneumonia. Hillary knew she was sick despite telling the media and the American people time after time that she was just fine. It was obvious to EVERYONE that something was wrong and it led Dr. Omalu to the conclusion that she was being poisoned — Clinton had a specific diagnosis and chose to let the world speculate resulting in these new attacks on Trump and Putin. It is time for Hillary to apologize… to everyone.

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