How Trump’s mere existence delegitimizes Clinton’s candidacy and presidency — and what we must do…
Jeff Jarvis

The latest email dump by the FBI and Wikileaks on Friday really just put the nail in Hillary’s coffin. She’ll be our president, but she’s a self confessed liar and criminal. Far from being the most qualified candidate in history — she’ll be the most disqualified. She isn’t fit to serve.

If you can read the emails Hillary deleted and accept the fact that she lied to the American people, Congress, and the FBI — and still support her — there is literally nothing left to say. If you can read the content of her speeches to Wall Street, Canada, and Brazil — all reflecting completely different positions on the most important issues facing our nation — and still support her — again, there is literally nothing left to say.

If we could convince both Hillary and Trump to step down — and let their running mates compete we might have a chance to save our Republic from the ruin that either candidate would bring to our nation.