Even after two disastrous debate appearances, overwhelming poll numbers and one of the worst campaign scandals in modern history, if you talk to many reasonable people you’ll still hear this whisper: I really think he might win.
Here’s Why Smart People Believe The Nonsense That Trump Might Win
Ryan Holiday

The polls show Trump won’t win, but his debate appearance last night far from a disaster was a total win — as judged by most Americans.

The only hope Americans have from avoiding four years of Hillary is that there is a sizable group of silent supporters for Trump. I had to start writing about my support privately because my life was threatened by Hillary supporters. My friends won’t post Trump signs. We won’t put Trump stickers on our cars. Instead we hide in plain sight.

So I suspect you’re right. Hillary will win, but my prayer is that I’m wrong and Trump will win. We need a change in this country. We need less of the same. We need new leadership.

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