Race, Education, and Donald Trump
Race, Education, and Donald Trump
Amber York

The weird thing is that I learned all of those things from the textbooks I had in high school — published by the publishers you cite.

For example, my history textbook told me that the passage of the Indian Removal Act marked the start of forced relocation of more than 45,000 native Americans. Upwards of 10% of them died on what some called a “death march”.

My history textbook also discussed Lincoln’s suggestion that freed slaves be allowed to return to their native lands — predicting that racist Democrats in the south would never let them live as equals. His prediction was right as the military arm of the Democratic Party — the KKK — lynched more than 8,000 African-Americans to prevent them from voting (double the death toll of the trail of tears.

Perhaps you weren’t paying attention — it’s not the textbooks — the history is in there — it is the students…

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